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Stealth Acoustics

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Stealth Acoustics is a globally-focused US manufacturer of award-winning totally invisible in-wall / in-ceiling loudspeakers, invisible subwoofers, waterproof outdoor speakers and custom art-speakers. For use in program audio reinforcement, home or commercial sound applications, Stealth Acoustics’ professional-grade products offer an alternative to the unsightly grills and boxes that clutter and compete with the decor of your environment.

Introducing the all new LineaResponse™ G Series (LRG) of invisible speakers that challenge the sound quality of expensive visible speakers. Building on our successful line of invisible speakers, Stealth Acoustics have incorporated a new Fidelity Glass™ face panel material that delivers greater warmth, realism and depth of sound – all while making installation even easier.

Stealth Acoustics full range invisible speakers and subwoofers provide a total “systems” approach to invisible speakers, providing the best possible sound and eliminating unsightly grills and bulky boxes used with traditional speakers. This really is “The End of Aesthetic Pollution” when it comes to making the right speaker choice for your home or project.

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Wall mountable art speakers

Stealth Acoustics has reconfigured its award-winning invisible speaker technologies in a thin, wall-mountable speaker package, with a completely flat-front radiating surface that can be finished with the artwork or photography of your choice. The Image Wrap™ model includes high resolution images (from our artist gallery or customer provided) that are factory laminated to the speaker face, turning the speaker itself into a work of art.

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lrg invisible speakers

Stealth Acoustics LineaResponse G™ (LRG) family are the cost-effective and proven invisible loudspeakers rival the sound quality of comparably priced visible speakers.

The LRG series are award-winning invisible speakers with extremely broad coverage and ultra-smooth extended frequency response. This makes any speaker or subwoofer in the LRG lineup a great choice for a highly reliable and incredible sounding invisible sound system.

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lrx invisible speakers

Introducing the all new LineaResponse X™ (LRX) family of expert-grade invisible speakers from Stealth Acoustics.  Incorporating advanced carbon fiber materials, new lamination processes and enhanced driver sets, the LRX Series is Stealth’s growing line of the highest performing and best sounding invisible speakers on the market today.

For demanding audiophiles that seek impeccable audio performance yet desire the aesthetic benefits that only true invisibility can offer, Stealth’s new LRX range raises the bar for invisible speakers to an unprecedented level.

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stingray outdoor speakers

Creating a truly environmental speaker that can take on nature’s toughest elements is no easy task.  The StingRay speaker family is completely sealed with no exposed grills or drivers to corrode or break down.  The SR6, SR8, or SR430 are at home in nearly any outdoor environment where ultimate durability and performance are desired.

The StingRay line of outdoor speakers are offered in a variety of styles.  Stock finishes include matte black or matte white.  The StingRay family can also be specially ordered in the sand, or gray stone textured finishes or custom painted to match any décor.

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Stealth Patio Theater

Stealth Patio Theater™ (SPT) is a complete outdoor cinematic entertainment or signage solution combining motorized, mega-large format, ultra-bright, 16:9 format, hi-resolution LED screens with Stealth Acoustics’ award-winning speaker and amplifier technologies – all to create a uniquely capable and fun outdoor audio visual experience.  Each system includes either stereo or multi-channel speakers and subwoofers built into an impressive monolithic weatherized containment enclosure designed to withstand the elements.

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