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All-in-one in-ear monitoring starter kit featuring UHF reliability

Sennheiser E1651256389219, Venuetech

Throughout its history, Sennheiser has been driven by a passion for sound; a passion that has never diminished in over 70 years. From modest beginnings in 1945, through to its present day, the family-owned German company has built a truly global profile. Faced with the technological deficiencies of existing products, Professor Dr. Fritz Sennheiser devoted himself to finding innovative solutions to make the very best technology available to users everywhere. Ever since, the company has provided technological innovations that improve people’s lives and continue to shape the future of the audio industry to this day.

The first Sennheiser microphones were developed by broadening the microphone theory. First launched in 1947, they were rapidly adopted by large numbers of artistes and professionals – musicians such as Louis Armstrong, singers like Edith Piaf and politicians such as Eisenhower and Kennedy, as well as broadcasters, radio stations and air-traffic controllers across the world. Now more than 70 years later, professional musicians, sound engineers, presenters and singers throughout the world agree that Sennheiser products are the pinnacle of technological perfection.

Evolution 900Series 0 1, Venuetech


For some, music is a passion – for others, it’s also a profession. The evolution series has the right microphone for everyone. Each series sees itself as the accompanist to a development. And since demands can grow quickly, the evolution wired mics simply evolve along any sound.
They sound like more than so-called standards: these microphones for instruments -evolution wired 600 series- and vocals -evolution wired 800 series- are the entry level for the Sennheiser class. Just plug them in and sound better – the evolution wired 600/800 series is ruggedly designed and easy to use.
Evolution Wireless G4 01 1, Venuetech
Evolution Wireless G4
The ultimate wireless system that grows with you. The fourth generation of Sennheiser’s most popular series worldwide leaves nothing to be desired in terms of flexibility, ease of use and reliability. Whether you are on tour, at an outdoor shoot, in the conference room or in the auditorium – the G4 can do it all.
Up to 100 meters of perfect sound, up to 50 mW of transmission power (300 and 500 series), feedback-proof microphone capsules – that provides absolute transmission reliability all the way back to the last rows. You can rely on the G4 – any time, any place.
HD 25 0 1, Venuetech
Professional Studio Headphones & Headsets

A natural and detailed sound, an effective noise attenuation and the ability to handle high volume levels should be in the DNA of every headphones made to cope with the studio routine, as well as a robust construction and excellent wearing comfort. In addition, Sennheiser throws in intelligent features such as ActiveGard®, which protects from extreme audio peaks, and intuitive operation. After all, we haven’t been developing studio equipment only since yesterday but ever since we were founded.

Sennheiser offers studio headphones and headsets for all kinds of application, from monitoring to video control. High-quality headset microphones ensure outstanding speech intelligibility in any surrounding.

Sennheiser AVX 0 1 E1651255077488, Venuetech

Sennheiser AVX

The job of a videographer is no cakewalk: As one-man-show without sound recordist he has to make sure, that both – video and audio are always perfectly captured. The new Sennheiser AVX lightens his workload immediately: Once plugged in it instantly takes away the audio part from the to-do-list. From now on videographers can simply rely on perfect sound – and concentrate on what they really love to care about: to film great pictures.

Sennheiser Digital 6000 0 1, Venuetech
Sennheiser Digital 6000

Digital 6000 waves goodbye to past limitations and opens up new possibilities. Intermodulation is no longer an issue since the superior RF technology keeps the limited frequency spaces free for more channels. Digital 6000 does not produce any intermodulation, which allows operation in an equidistant frequency grid-neither transmission performance nor audio quality are compromised. The ease of working with this new product is already evident from the innovative user interface: relevance replaces excessive flickering, too many clicks and too little information.

Systemshot 0 1, Venuetech
Sennheiser Speechline
Designed for corporations and universities, the SpeechLine Digital Wireless series provides reliable and highly flexible solutions tailored to education and corporate applications. It is widely scalable and answers best all needs of your everyday working and lecturing environment – from small room setups to huge campus-wide installations.
The Sennheiser Control Cockpit software is the revolutionary new tool for easy handling, control and maintenance of the entire SpeechLine Digital Wireless system.
Shotgun Microphones 1, Venuetech
Shotgun Microphones
Sometimes you cannot get closer to a sound than still pretty far away. A highly directional microphone captures it nonetheless. Perfectly clear, and in full detail. It is like building a sonic tunnel the sound is being pulled through toward the mic, protecting it from all the other unwanted noises so it doesn’t get lost in the din. As most audio professionals know Sennheiser shotgun microphones have always been extremely good at that.
Sports, reporting, documentaries, broadcasting – whatever your field of work: Sennheiser offers a shotgun microphone that fits your needs perfectly.
Studio Mics 1, Venuetech
Instrument Microphones

There is a special Sennheiser microphone for just about any instrument. Be it brass, woodwind, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, piano, a whole orchestra–in fact, even the spaces beyond and in between. Sennheiser instrument microphones have a way of letting each of them sound their best while still sounding like themselves.

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