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Active Audio

16, Venuetech

Active Audio – created in 2002 by Pr. Xavier Meynial – specializes in sound reinforcement and speech intelligibility in acoustically-challenging environments. Active Audio designs and manufactures DSP-controlled and passive column loudspeakers, processors, amps and accessories that come as a unique solution for many kinds of places such airport terminals, houses of worship, train and underground stations, conference halls, amphitheaters and so on. If the environment you have work is acoustically difficult, Active Audio has the solution.

It is no surprise that many prestigious venues around the world trust Active Audio for their sound reinforcement systems: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi, the Carousel du Louvre in Paris, the Blue Mosque of Istanbul, Presidential Palaces in Europe and Asia, and many others.

 All Active Audio products come with a 5-Year warranty.


StepArray Series

StepArray column loudspeakers enjoy the benefits of the two main current technologies for directivity control by implementing a hybrid principle patented by Active Audio: DGRC digital and geometric radiation control.

Public address systems are primarily intended to deliver a clear and intelligible message to the audience. But a venue’s acoustic conditions may affect transmission quality, especially in case of significant reverberation and/or background noise. To overcome the adverse effects of reverberation, loudspeakers with accurate directivity control must be used, so that they project the sound straight to the audience instead of increasing reverberation.

Aa 06, Venuetech

StepArray+ Series

StepArray+ combines all of the advantages of the patented DGRC technology with the power of Dante™ in a range of self-powered beam-steerable column speakers. With models ranging from 1.50m to 4.50m, the new StepArray+ delivers great performance and high intelligibility levels in a cost-effective package. The Digital and Geometric Radiation Control technology allows for less DSP and amplification channels to be used in a column, thus bringing down the final cost of an installation, while retaining the highest level of performance.

Ray On® Series, Venuetech

Ray-On+® Series

Ray-On+® is the active version of the Ray-On® column loudspeakers with Dante™ on-board. Acoustically, they combine the patented DGRC principle that has made the success of Active Audio’s column loudspeakers, with an onboard DSP to equalize the speakers and an integrated amplifier.

The Ray-On+® range includes three active column loudspeakers in 80 cm, 120 cm and 230 cm based on the patented DGRC technology. The fine mesh grill gives the sleek and sophisticated speakers an even texture and color, meaning that they blend seamlessly into the chosen environment.

Aa 02, Venuetech

ray on series

The ultimate wireless system that grows with you. The fourth generation of Sennheiser’s most popular series worldwide leaves nothing to be desired in terms of flexibility, ease of use and reliability. Whether you are on tour, at an outdoor shoot, in the conference room or in the auditorium – the G4 can do it all.
Up to 100 meters of perfect sound, up to 50 mW of transmission power (300 and 500 series), feedback-proof microphone capsules – that provides absolute transmission reliability all the way back to the last rows. You can rely on the G4 – any time, any place.
Aa 05, Venuetech

vendôme Series

In a world where architects and interior designers are faced with a growing number of stringent requirements, Active Audio offers a completely new approach to loudspeakers that fulfils a need that until now has gone unanswered. Thanks to its sleek design, Vendôme will blend seamlessly into any high-end store, restaurant, lounge bar, music bar and hotel.

Vendôme will also thrill music lovers with its acoustic qualities and takes the best of what the professional audio and high-fidelity sectors have to offer. The loudspeakers in the Vendôme range deliver the same reliability as pro audio products and are capable of operating at high output levels without any deterioration in quality.

AA 01, Venuetech

cl62 series 

For some, music is a passion – for others, it’s also a profession. The evolution series has the right microphone for everyone. Each series sees itself as the accompanist to a development. And since demands can grow quickly, the evolution wired mics simply evolve along any sound.
They sound like more than so-called standards: these microphones for instruments -evolution wired 600 series- and vocals -evolution wired 800 series- are the entry level for the Sennheiser class. Just plug them in and sound better – the evolution wired 600/800 series is ruggedly designed and easy to use.

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