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Our philosophy working in the professional industry has always been client satisfaction and solution provision. Venuetech seeks to provide a worry-free experience through the proper know-how to assist in product catering for any installation, hands on client experience with the products pre-purchase and product coverage after sales. These are just a few of the pillars that set Venuetech apart from any other professional in the industry. 

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Each venue is unique to the needs and spirit that it serves. Through an assessment of your space, a stadium, a theatre or auditorium, a house of worship, we can determine spacing, placement, product types, and more to ensure that sound clarity and volume will be optimal. The Venuetech team works closely with consulting firms, designers and installation contractors in a collaborative practice to review designs to make recommendations for efficient performance to create the system that accomplishes your goals.
The team is comprised of highly skilled engineers with many years of experience in design, system engineering, setup and system commissioning; advanced prediction tools such as EASE™, AutoCAD™, and others are used for accurate loudspeaker coverage predictions including mapping, complex simulation, STI, SPL and to ensure that a usable space is being created.

Although lighting designers often rely on their expertise, experience and computer calculations to design surfaces and spaces, there are always certain cases that can’t easily be quantified.

To ensure the lighting design concept will be transformed into a successful installation, the Venutech lighting team offers live demos and presentations of the product based on client request Whether be it on site or at our showroom, the team is ready after hours to make sure you get what you see.

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Consistency and client satisfaction are very important to the Venuetech family. To ensure proper service, Venuetech has a service center operational 24/7 that supports client requests through a dedicated team of engineers that are ready to assist with any maintenance or service issues that might occur. Acting as a manufacturer representative in the region Venuetech abides by the warranty offered by the supplier and covers warranty obligations.

Education programs are organized to serve AV and IT professionals in the region. As a Venuetech partner, you have insider and direct access to the support team that caters to your needs. Design services, technology support, technical training and access to the latest product announcements are just some of the services you can expect. Training programs are scheduled on regular basis and dedicated sessions can be organized as well depending on client needs. Please register to the Venuetech newsletters to stay updated on the schedules and any announcements. 

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