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APG is a French company with over 40 years of experience and “savoir-faire” in loudspeaker system design. It is now part of the Active Audio’s group, a French brand specialized in public address and professional sound system. APG continues its drive for excellence and controlled growth, based on the development of a new line of innovative products, a global strategy and core values of respect for its customers, its suppliers and its environment.
APG combines a high level of scientific expertise with a desire to listen and respect the needs of those who, every day, handle, install and operate our products. Product design is conducted in cooperation with professional users involved at different stages of development and testing, which enables APG to more closely meet the requirements of audio professionals.
All APG ranges are based on several innovative technologies in which APG has become a specialist over time: the coaxial Isotop™ concept and D’Appolito principle, K-Horn and dual interactive chamber. A wide and complete range of products including a Matricial system (Matrix), Line Array systems (Uniline and Uniline Compact), multi-purpose loudspeakers (DX series), micro loudspeakers (MX series), Subwoofers (SB and TB series) and Electronics (processors and amplifiers).
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The DX line is composed of multi-purpose speakers of several size and power range DX5, DX8, DX12, and DX15. They are characterised by their very complete ergonomics that make them very versatile and easy to use whatever the application: stage monitor, main FOH or distributed sound reinforcement, in touring or fixed installations.

From an acoustic point of view, APG has achieved a non-diffraction baffling that confers perfect linear acoustic field that reduce substantially feedback effect even without equalization.

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Subwoofers: SB Range

The SB range of subs consists of compact subwoofers loaded with band pass designed for mid-range applications for rental and fixed installation. The concept of the dual interactive chamber is to make the two cavities of a symmetrical load interact with each other. This concept allows considerable volume reduction in the load, resulting in impressive compactness.
The range offers several models: SB112 ultra-compact and portable, SB115-M2 a low profile subwoofer optimized for high precision bass reproduction, and SB118 is a very powerful and versatile subwoofer, compact and light.
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Subwoofers: TB Range

The TB range is composed of subwoofers designed for high power application in touring and large-scale installations. Based on K-Horn technology, a complex acoustic load designed for subwoofers and low frequency speakers. It consists of loading a double interactive chamber with a K-horn. This exclusive technology provides a significant increase in gain, between 4 and 6 dB, compared to the conventional bass reflex load and direct radiation.
The range offers several models: TB115S ultra-compact subwoofer, TB118S infra bass subwoofer, TB215S a versatile subwoofer, and TB218S is designed for touring and large-scale applications offering exceptional SPL.
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iX series speakers feature coaxial technology with integral baffle: the front face of the speaker is designed to eliminate diffraction and provide a consistent, linear acoustic field.

The iX range comprises 5 models: iX5, iX6, iX8, iX12 and iX15, each with an integrated coaxial loudspeaker with passive crossover and bass reflex loading for stand-alone operation.

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