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Neuman Berlin, Venuetech

It is difficult to imagine a professional audio studio without a Neumann microphone. For decades, Neumann has been regarded worldwide as the standard-setting, leading manufacturer of studio microphones. Many products introduced in the history of the company have become milestones of professional audio technology. It is no accident that when listing their equipment, audio studios almost always put Neumann microphones at the top of the list; they are a recognized sign of a highly professional operation.

In addition to countless audio engineers who use Neumann microphones in their studio productions, users of the high-tech products from Berlin include world-famous musicians such as the Beatles, Natalie Cole, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion and Beyoncé.

And since 2010, Neumann offers this unrivalled expertise in electro-acoustic transducer technologies to the studio monitoring market, providing optimum solutions to its customers in the areas of TV and radio broadcasting, recording, and audio productions.

Neumann 03, Venuetech

M 147 tube  

The M 147 Tube brings back the classic sound of Neumann’s famous tube microphones of the 1950s. The M 147 tube is a cardioid microphone using the same large diaphragm capsule as the legendary U 47 but combines it with an innovative tube circuit for lowest noise. Its transformerless output stage ensures superb performance at an attractive price.

Neumann 02, Venuetech


The KMS 104 plus is a studio grade vocal microphone for stage use with a Neumann condenser capsule and all the virtues of a rugged stage microphone: excellent pop protection, enormous SPL capability, and high feedback resistance, thanks to its tight cardioid pattern. Compared to the KMS 104, the KMS 104 plus offers an extended bass response.

The KMS 104 plus is equipped with a true condenser microphone capsule offering the superior clarity that made Neumann studio microphones famous all over the world.

Neumann 05, Venuetech

U 87 AI 

The Neumann U 87 Ai is probably the best-known and most frequently used studio microphone the world over. Its smooth and refined sound is as iconic as its elegant exterior design. The U 87 Ai is the standard microphone for speech and vocals. Three polar patterns plus pad and low cut options make it adaptable to a wide range of applications.

The Neumann U 87 Ai is a true legend. Introduced in 1967, it has shaped the sound of countless hit records for the past 50 years.

Neumann 04, Venuetech

TLM 103 D

For many years, the analog version of the TLM 103 D has played a vital role for ambitious home recording and project studios, making the pristine Neumann sound affordable to a broad spectrum of demanding audio engineers and musicians. The TLM 103 D offers the same sound and technical excellence, combined with all the advantages and DSP functions of Neumann’s digital microphone technology, such as an integrated peak limiter/compressor.

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