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With more than 65 years of experience in designing and developing communication products, Bosch Security Systems established unrivaled leadership in the field of conference and public address, EVAC-certified voice evacuation and professional sound systems. Bosch’s principle of product creation that are superior in technology, design and ease of use has substantiated Bosch’s reputation as an outstanding leader in the PA systems and professional audio systems. 

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Line array loudspeaker, 60W, outdoor

The Bosch Line Array Outdoor Loudspeaker offers an extended listening area. With excellent speech and music intelligibility, the loudspeakers deliver uniform distribution of natural sound throughout. Equipped with, provision for inside mounting the optional line/loudspeaker supervision board, it is EN 54‑24 certified.

Lb2, Venuetech


The Bosch LB2-UC15 Cabinet Loudspeakers offer high-fidelity music and speech reproduction. With selectable 8 ohm, 70 V and 100 V inputs, the Bosch Cabinet loudspeakers are compact yet robust with an ABS enclosure. Supplied with an adjustable mounting bracket, the loudspeakers comply with international installation and safety regulations.


A/B Ceiling Loudspeaker 6W


This high-efficiency ceiling-mounted loudspeaker enables two independent loudspeaker systems in one housing unit. Featuring a standard supplied metal fire-dome, Bosch A/B Ceiling Loudspeaker is easy to install with a safety cord. 

Cabinet Loudspeaker 6W, Venuetech

Cabinet loudspeaker 6W metal square

The Bosch Cabinet Loudspeaker 6W Metal Square is ideally suitable for speech and music reproduction. With a robust metal enclosure, it is EN 54-24 certified and BS 5839‑8 compliant. 

Amplifier 600W, Venuetech

Amplifier, 600W 8-channel

Featuring flexible power partitioning across all channels, the Bosch Amplifier 600W with 8-channels consumes low power. With digital signal processing per channel, the Bosch Amplifier comes with integrated fail-safe redundancy. It is also IP‑networked on OMNEO for audio and control. 

Advanced Public Address Server, Venuetech

Advanced public address server

This Bosch Advanced Public Address Server features an Interface for third-party PCs and tablet devices to the PRAESENSA IP‑network.  The server is IP‑networked on existing Local Area Networks.  The Bosch Public Address Server also offers Secure internet connection to the Local Area Network (LAN) of the building, internet radio, online music streaming and text-to-speech service. One of the highlights of the server includes an internal memory for business messages library and music playlists.

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