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19, Venuetech

SGM Light A/S is a Danish manufacturer of LED lighting and custom engineered solutions for the concert touring, entertainment, architectural, commercial and industrial sectors.  Originally founded in 1975, SGM brings more than 40 years of experience within the entertainment lighting business.  They have gathered one of the most experienced R&D teams in the world who, by focusing on innovation and the use of cutting edge technology, has created a range of lighting products to help creative and visionary lighting designers tell their stories through light.  Their sole focus is to help their customers create magic with light, and every day they strive to achieve just that.

SGM Floodlight.02, Venuetech

Architectural Lighting

The most selling LED architectural flood light in the world known as the P-5, belongs to the P Series family of flood lights along side the I and Q series. This product family offers the full range of flood, blinder, cyclo and strobe lighting in an unprecedented fashion. Designed for variable applications from small scale wash lighting to pixel mapped high powered blinders this family includes the brightest LED fixtures available in the market, with the assurance of European quality IP-66 rated standard.

SGM Moving Light, Venuetech

Moving Heads

SGM pride themselves in the fact they were the innovators of the first true IP-66 rated moving heads in the market. Focused solely on a LED engine their moving heads range from small sized battery powered beams to what is called the Turbo high output fixtures. The G-Series offers a wide range of products for multiple applications; outdoor events, theaters, studios to media projections. All high powered LED and IP-66 Rated with the famous patented dehumidifier, these moving heads provide immense quality light output with the assurance of a durable body.

Linear SGM, Venuetech


This product family is the latest in versatile video pixel mapping. A variety of IP-66 linear products with different applications that are pixel addressed to project video content. Wether the VP- Linear for media façade lighting, or the LT-200 for color changing video content, the durability and data/power distribution of the products are like no other. In addition to the high-powered pixel dots that can be used for custom applications, this product range is taking over the media world one pixel at a time.

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