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Elation Lighting

8, Venuetech

Elation Lighting Inc. is a privately held corporation established in 1992. Today they offer Stage Lightings, most Complete Toolbox with products specifically designed for the markets they serve – Theatrical and Concert Stage, Rental / Production, Studio/Broadcast, House of Worship, Corporate AV, Exhibitions, Night Club / Leisure, Theme Parks & Cruise Ships. All products today are designed and engineered in USA and sold through their own offices in US and Europe through a vast dealer and distribution partner network around the world.

Elation Proteus, Venuetech

Discharge Intelligent Lighting

Elation’s discharge intelligent lighting entails a wide range of products. From Emotion, the high output digital projector moving head to the award winning 3 in 1 hybrid Platinium range. An immensely versatile product family with innovative solutions for events, clubs and bars even the occasional light show. This family is proof of the power of light, the variability in application and support it has gotten from the awards won.

Elation Platinum, Venuetech

LED Moving Lights

The Artiste Dali, Platinum Spot, Davinci, ZCL etc… have become common names in the lighting industry. Ranging from profiles, spots to wash lighting this series is the epitome of versatility in modern LED engine lighting both static and dynamic. Awarding winning products, powerful LEDs and limitless options are the bread and butter of the LED lighting series. Last but not least the static range is a high demanded series in the market, especially the paladin. With the immense fixture options available this product line delivers a full solution like no other.

Elation 03, Venuetech

Static Lights

A wide variety of static lights from blinders to LED PAR lights, this is a multi purpose lighting range for any requirements. From linear LED bars to controllable blinders, you can find these fixtures in bars, theaters, entertainment venues and multi-purpose venues as well.

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