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Taiden 768x153, Venuetech

Established in 1996, TAIDEN is an innovative technological solutions provider specialized in manufacturing of modern digital conference systems.

Featuring solutions ideal for small-scale installations to vast international congresses & conventions, TAIDEN’s extensive product line has amassed a significant amount of attention in the Middle East. TAIDEN’s flagship product series include: New Generation Paperless Multimedia Congress System, Digital Infrared Wireless Lecturing System and Digital Conference systems. 


TAIDEN 8368 4, Venuetech

HCS-8368 Series

The ultra-thin, flip-up paperless, all-in-one conference system delivers a complete integration of meeting presentation features. while neatly fitting into the table. 

Equipped with a 14” high-resolution (1920 x 1080) LCD touch panel and an integrated 8-megapixel camera, the HCS-8368 offers multiple versatile functions: conference control and management (speech, voting, simultaneous interpretation), conference document management, speech text guidance, desktop sharing, delegate information, delegate photo for attendance check, video conversation, and conference agenda display.

Taiden 8600, Venuetech

HCS-8668 Series

This all-new sleek tablet-esque multimedia conference system boasts superb HD paperless experience, higher system reliability, budget-conscious integration of functions, and convenient management with its larger capacitive touch screen and higher megapixel camera.  

Available either as a tabletop or flush-mounted model, this paperless solution integrates with third-party videoconferencing platforms for perfect remote or hybrid meetings. Another innovative and brand-new member — the dual microphone paperless multimedia congress terminal with an extra backup microphone — has also been added to TAIDEN’s growing conference systems line.

5300MX Carousel 1, Venuetech

HCS-5300 Series

The core of the TAIDEN infrared wireless conference system – dirATC (Digital Infrared Audio Transmitting and Control Technologies) – is an innovative new technology that digitally encodes and modulates audio and data signals for transmission via infrared light. This allows it to achieve both multi-channel audio signals and bidirectional data transmission and control. Digitalization combined with wireless transmission via infrared technology is an ideal solution for a wireless conference system.

The TAIDEN digital infrared wireless conference system is composed of a main unit, one or more transceivers, and delegate or chairman conference units.

4838 Carousel 3, Venuetech

HCS-4838 Series

TAIDEN HCS-4838 Series is the fully digital congress system unit for the TAIDEN HCS-4800 Series. By using TAIDEN originated MCA-STREAM multi-channel audio digital transmitting technology, TAIDEN HCS-4800 Fully Digital Congress System (FDCS) revolutionizes conference systems technology by incorporating both the latest fully digital technologies and network techniques. Featuring perfect integration of TAIDEN Conference Sign-in System and Intelligent Central Control System, HCS-4800 takes the lead in providing comprehensive and efficient digital conference system solutions.

48U10 Carousel 2, Venuetech

HCS-48U10 Series

This stylish and ergonomically designed Digital discussion unit with voting boasts an excellent transition from mobile phones to RF interference. The units include a microphone priority button which causes all currently active delegate microphones to be switched off temporarily or permanently.

A graphic OLED screen can display the operation menu, channel number, and language name. Channel selection is automatically limited to the number of language channels available. The loudspeaker offers superior acoustics with minimal feedback for enhanced intelligibility.

4841 Carousel 5, Venuetech

HCS-4841 Series

This Flush-mounted digital congress system unit includes a microphone priority button, which, when activated, causes all currently active delegate microphones to be switched off temporarily or permanently, allowing the chairman to take control of the meeting.


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