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Arthur Holm

13, Venuetech

Arthur Holm is the result of combining the Scandinavian design tradition with the Mediterranean creativity, passion and flexibility.

The brand has its origins in the Danish furniture designer Jorgen Alex Jensen, who was active in the sixties and seventies. His inspiration in design and ergonomics has been continued by his family, the design force behind the product range of Arthur Holm.

Arthur Holm products display the best image quality and their unique designs have unmatched functionalities. More than 40 years of craftsmanship and a continuous product investigation, development, and innovation are our business foundations. Numbers speak for themselves! We currently own 27 product patents, operate in over 45 countries worldwide and our products and solutions have been chosen for more than 20,000 installations.


Dynamic1H Detalle Producto 5, Venuetech


Dynamic1H motorised foldable monitor provides a horizontal motorised movement. With always visible screen the Dynamic1H raises and leans and can be stopped at any position between 0 and 70°. A smart memory system enables both set up and recall of the desired tilting position. Built entirely of aluminium and with a black edged anti-reflection glass, Dynamic1H monitors are extremely elegant, discreet and timeless. The anodised finish provides a soft, silky effect. It is extremely resilient and serves to dissipate heat.

DB2, Venuetech


The sleek motorised retractable DB2 monitor creates minimum impact on the furniture design. Easy to integrate, intuitive to use with one touch sensor, the DB2 is almost invisible (no cover plate) when not in operation. DB2 monitors are elegant, beautiful from all angles, and can be discreetly integrated into the meeting room table, disappearing within the desk with a harmonious silent drive. Design and functionality have been intelligently combined to create this advanced and unique monitor range.

Dynamic X@, Venuetech


The elegant DynamicX2 monitors are built from a solid aluminium block. Featuring a vertical motorised movement with an automatic 20° tilt to ensure the best ergonomics, DynamicX2 focuses on visibility and viewing angle. This automatic tilting system provides a fast, silent, and robust response. The system is a reliable, maintenance-free solution.

DynamicX2 features slightly curved edges for a modern look and has a black-edged anti-reflection glass with different finish options. It is available from 15″ to 22″ (and 24″ 4K).

Dynamic Speaker E1654784031440, Venuetech


Our new motorised loudspeaker for desk and furniture integration brings flexibility and impressive audio quality with enhanced speech intelligibility to the meeting room or other rooms where quality audio is needed in a magical movement.

The compact, omnidirectional 360 degrees active speaker has a twin 36W Class-D integrated amplifiers and a two-way coaxial transducer that brings the audio to the dedicated area with its acoustic diffuser through its integrated DSP technology, the system can be controlled using the AHnet and its wireless AHlink App for control and set-up.

Wall Monitors, Venuetech

Wall monitors: rise

Rise on-wall monitors are ideal to offer relevant meeting information when placed outside a conference or purpose- built room, where they will undoubtedly catch the eye of the public.

Rise Wall Monitors, Venuetech

wall monitors: drop

Drop monitors have been designed for an easy in-wall installation. They are supplied with a separate box for fix mounting, while the screen itself provides an integrated “clip-on front” system.

DB3.140, Venuetech

Motorized monitors: DB3

DB3 is a motorized retractable monitor that has a minimal impact on the table’s design. The automated hatch has been specially designed for veneering, ensuring a streamlined finish for the furniture.

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