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Meyer Sound Training in Dubai Ends in Success

The two-day Meyer Sound Systems Design and Optimization training session organized by Venuetech ended on the 14th of September at Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC).

The training session was headed by Senior Technical Support & Education Specialist Merlijn Van Veen and Sana Romanos, Technical Services Specialist, Middle East & Africa. Audio Systems Specialists, Sound Engineers, and Technicians from the UAE as well as Saudi Arabia and India traveled to Dubai to participate in the training session.

Organized as a part of a series of training sessions in collaboration with the prominent audio brand based in Berkely, CA, Meyer Sound, the training soon followed our first-ever joint training session which saw immense success.

Addressing the attendees at the onset of the training course Ismat Assafiri, Systems Architect and Audio Specialist at Venuetech commented “The release of MAPP 3D is a significant juncture in the development of sound systems design. We are excited to bring this knowledge to our fellow audio specialists in the region through our partnership with Meyer Sound”.

Andrea Granata, Sales Manager of Middle-East and Africa, Meyer Sound also addressed the attendees; “When I first attended “Sound System Design and Optimization Training” it changed my understanding of audio forever. With Venuetech we decided to give the same opportunity to a new generation of technicians, hoping to have a similar positive impact. The training evolved since the old days and was bringing together fundamentals and the latest technological development”

“The response of the room, filled with a mix of experienced engineers and young audio enthusiasts, demonstrates that the education that Meyer Sound offers has no equal in the industry” Andrea Granata further commented.

The training session painstakingly explored the relationship between the predictive of the MAPP 3D Sound System Design Tool and actual sound system performance as measured with FFT-based transfer-function analyzers.

The participants of the training gained insight into generating and comparing data using both MAPP 3D and Compass, in order to help them better understand the correlation between the two. The course’s key objective was for the users to possess a clearer idea of how sound systems behave in both modeled and real space, and with it, a more informed approach to accurately designing and optimizing systems using Meyer Sound solutions. The training was followed by a Q&A session with Merlijn Van Veen and Sana Romanos.

“We decided to offer the training with the intention of sharing pure knowledge on system design. The training gave great insight into a variety of tools that every sound engineer will now have in their pocket when designing a new system” said Alice Macaluso – Meyer Sound Brand Manager at Venuetech. “There is a vast amount of information and knowledge out there, and we hope to lead our fellow audio specialists and systems architects to these resources and offer them support when needed” she further commented.

The Chief Operating Officer of Venuetech Abdul Assafiri shared “We are delighted to be at the forefront of educating the professional Audio Specialists and Systems Designers in the GCC by facilitating this unique opportunity. We are already making plans for our next Meyer Sound – Venuetech training session”.

Date: 09/16/2022