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Discover 4K Video Scaling and More…

Meet the Standard in Multi-format 4K Presentation Processing
D4 1, Venuetech

D4 is ideal for high performance and broadcast workloads across a range of applications requiring scan conversion, scaling or seamless presentation switching. A flexible video switching and scaling solution for 4K signals, D4 features multiple output modes that truly makes D4 a stand-out performer for modern presentation processing. 

Fully modular, a range of input signals including HDMI 2.0 DisplayPort 1.2 and 12G-SDI along with conventional 2K signals may be used, while at output dual HDMI 2.0 output channels are available as standard, with optional duplicated output t0 DisplayPort 1.2  
HDR signal processing is fully supported via the processor with high bandwidth and wide gamut 12bit grey level processing for superior quality and image control.
Scale, transcode, splice, rotate, D4 is a complete scaling and presentation processing solution.

See new features at ISE 2020 including 90degree rotate, auto 8K1K input detection, and presentation mode with up to three 3K PIPs on a 4K background.

Extend Collaboration with RGBlink

Collaboration beyond the Touch Screen

FlexPro8 1, Venuetech
FLEXpro8 is a new innovation in video wall control from RGBlink. Allowing native connection of LED, LCD and other displays with robust design and multi-window technologies, FLEXpro 8 extends the possibilities of collaboration beyond touch screens with easy-to-connect additional display that can take advantage of multiple displays surfaces for maximum results.
With support for over 18 mega pixels across eight outputs, FLEXpro8 is designed for professional applications, and fit up to 16 independent inputs integrating a range of video sources , including collaboration or media software platforms to bring displays to life. Whether for integration or proAV FLEXpro8 has the multi-signal, multi-layer technology for virtually any display application. 
FLEXpro8 supports display up to 32 video layers fully synchronised for output across eight outputs. Remotely configure and control FLEXpro8 from XPOSE on Windows or macOS via LAN or integrate with RGBlink OpenAPI.


Power for Media and Content as it Should Be
UMS4, Venuetech

UMS4 is built specifically for use with media server and collaboration software in professional applications.

With slots available for up to 4K capture, choose from select Magewell HDMI and SDI options to bring external media courses in to a media application of choice. 
Install any media server or collaboration software application to UMS4 or choose from preinstalled images from leading vendors via the RGBlink Launcher which loads directly to the inbuilt touch screen for quick access and monitoring. Naturally RGBlink XPOSE for video processor control is installed too along with drives for all options.
With discrete GPU and up to four 4K60 outputs, UMS4 is a home in demanding performance applications whether for events or integration, and is ideal to connect to the RGBlink processor of choice and any display device.


Venuetech is the exclusive distributor of RGBLink in the Middle East.