Muxlab Inc. Appoints Venuetech as Middle East Distributor

Muxlab Inc. appoints Venuetech as Middle East Distributor

The new distribution partnership now allows Venuetech to offer the region Muxlab Inc. products and better support to Pro AV and Broadcast customers, while also strengthening the network of system integrators and dealers in the Middle East.

We are delighted to announce that the Canadian-headquartered AV and Broadcast Solutions manufacturer, Muxlab Inc., has entered into an exclusive dealership agreement with Dubai-based Audio-Visual Distributors, Venuetech.

“We are excited about taking on Muxlab Inc. especially since we believe that it is a great addition to our extensive portfolio of Pro AV, Connectivity, and UC. As a longstanding reliable AV solutions provider since 1984, Muxlab Inc. is a perfect portfolio fit, and the partnership is a very obvious choice for us. We are happy to introduce the wide range of Muxlab’s product range to the Middle East” commented Nour Assafiri, CEO of Venuetech.

“With Muxlab, we are bringing on a wide range of solutions to the Pro AV, Broadcast, Live Streaming, Digital Signage, and Video Conferencing markets. Plans are already in place to introduce the GCC to Muxlab and their solutions” Nour Assafiri further commented.

“Our teams have already begun working with each other and we are delighted to get to know the experienced team at Muxlab. We are looking forward to working alongside them and offering the brand a broad reach into the ever-expanding markets of AV Distribution and Connectivity” commented Naisvyn Lucas, Brand Manager Muxlab from Venuetech.

“We’re very excited about our new partnership with Venuetech and to having their experienced and technical team helping us promote and support the MuxLab Pro AV & Broadcast product lines in the Middle East,” said Ivan Khanikian, International Sales Manager for MuxLab.

About Venuetech:

Dubai-based distributor Venuetech is a prominent player in the field of Audio Visual, Lighting, Control, and Conference solutions. Having contributed to numerous notable projects across the MENA Region Venuetech represents a wide array of renowned suppliers and manufacturers in Lighting, Pro-Audio, Conference, Networking Solutions, Systems Design, and integration and more.

Collaborating closely with system integrators, Venuetech also provides system design support, installation, and system maintenance.




About MuxLab:

MuxLab designs and manufactures signal distribution solutions, leading the industry with cutting-edge technologies across various markets including Pro AV, Broadcast, Video Conferencing, Digital Signage, and Streaming.

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Arbane Group Announces NESS – The First Free Spatialization Software in the Industry

Arbane Group announces NESS – the industry’s first free spatialization software. NESS is designed and supported by the French audio solutions manufacturer APG France.

With the release of the free software, the group intends the audio specialists to gain easy access to a robust and reliable spatialization solution designed based on standard and proven audio algorithms and principles. NESS will help the users to experience immersive sound in bars, nightclubs, theaters, and conference settings. The software proves to be a reliable solution for sound engineers, DJs, composers, or audio system designers.

NESS is designed to operate on a PC with multiple types of USB or DANTE. Depending on the power of the hosting PC, the NESS is able to manage up to 16 sources and 32 output channels.

With the release of NESS, Arbane Group plans on creating a trusted community of NESS users in the immersive sound industry. The group also plans on continuously upgrading the software features and parameters in the upcoming years to meet the ever-growing technological demands in the industry.

The free NESS software is now available for download on the Arbane Group website.

More updates to follow!

Arbane Group with APG France announces NESS - industry's first free spatialization software
Arbane Group announces NESS

Meyer Sound Introduces Nebra for Milan-Networked Sound Systems

Nebra Software Platform

Venuetech’s California-based audio solutions provider, Meyer Sound has introduced NebraTM. The free software platform offers its users an integrated, standard workspace that enables the hosting of several tools used with Meyer Sound audio solutions.

The preliminary release of NebraTM is focused on connectivity for Milan-based AVB network or for other Meyer Sound products in installed and portable applications through the existing RMS network via the RMServer. Other Meyer Sound products include the large-format linear line array loudspeaker, PANTHER, the USW-112P™ compact subwoofer, and three ULTRA-X series point source loudspeakers are monitored through the current RMS network via the RMServerTM.

The Galileo GALAXY Network Platform and third-party devices will also be provided connectivity by NebraTM.

Image source:

The all-inclusive NebraTM also features an icon-based, graphic display that enables its users to easily view all Milan-based connections and the status of the individual devices in one workspace in a clear visual layout.

NebraTM is now available as a free download from the Meyer Sound website – several versions of which will be available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. NebraTM is conceived as a comprehensive software platform, and other functions will be incorporated into future releases.

Venuetech’s Brand New Partnership with Colorlight to Debut at GITEX 2022

Venuetech is delighted to announce our brand-new distributor partnership with Colorlight – a globally based leading LED Display Control System Solutions Provider.

As the exclusive distributor of Colorlight, Venuetech will distribute Colorlight’s extensive range of LED Display Control System Solutions that include 8K and 4K LED Controllers, Video Splicers, 4K Senders, 5G Receiving Cards, Media Servers, and Multifunction Cards. Colorlight also contributes to the advancement of the LED control system industry with their Research and Development (R&D) center which seeks the expertise of more than 300 engineers.

“We are excited to bring a leading global market player in LED display controllers like Colorlight to the Middle East. With the influx of LED display solution providers in the market, we have seen a remarkable increase in the demand for LED displays. We believe Colorlight will be an impressive complement to the current market conditions” said Abdul Assafiri, COO of Venuetech.

Gary Tong, Director of Services and Support & Key Account Manager from Colorlight also commented on the partnership “We are happy to partner with Venuetech to enter the Middle East market. As a major distributor of AVL, Control Rooms and Conference and Control systems in the Middle East, we are aware of Venuetech’s strong and long-standing footprint in the market. We are looking forward to the exciting opportunities this partnership yields us”.

As a brand-new partner, Colorlight will be displayed at Venuetech’s booth H3-C1 at the upcoming GITEX exhibition.

Ali Saab from Video Division at Venuetech commented “I believe this is a great way to seal the partnership, we are planning to display a range of video control solutions from Colorlight at Venuetech’s booth at GITEX 2022. Our team of in-house video control system specialists is ready to introduce the visitors to the cutting-edge control system solutions that Colorlight has to offer”.

Meyer Sound Demo Units Arrive at Venuetech

We are delighted to share that we received the first major demo unit delivery from Meyer Sound at our premises in Al Quoz Industrial Area 1, Dubai, UAE. These units are now available for live demonstrations.

Meyer Sound Demo Units at Venuetech
Meyer Sound Demo Units

Shipped from Berkely, CA, USA Meyer Sound laboratories, the shipment brings several of Meyer sound’s flagship self-powered loudspeakers including Ultra-x20 and ULTRA-x40 to the Middle East. The demo units also include the 15-inch Powered Subwoofer, 750-LFC that pairs seamlessly with ULTRA-x40.

Meyer Sound Demo Units at Venuetech
Galileo Galaxy by Meyer Sound at Venuetech

There are some Galileo Galaxy  that can harness open-source AVB technology to extend a new level of audio control in driving and aligning loudspeaker systems with multiple zones. Galileo Galaxy now enables the region’s audio specialists to test SpaceMap Go – a spatial sound design and mixing tool that leverages the processing power of Meyer Sound’s Galileo GALAXY Network Platform in an intuitive iPad app.

Meyer Sound Demo Units at Venuetech


Also Included in the demo there are the compact yet powerful MM-4XP and UP4-Slim that can provide impressive coverage for systems with limited space and visibility such as clubs, restaurants, galleries, and museums.

Venuetech would like to invite audio engineers, system integrators, consultants, and audio systems architects in the region who would like to personally experience and evaluate the exceptional performance of Meyer Sound’s portable audio solutions range.  Get in touch with us for a demo and experience the beauty and the robustness of the premium “Meyer” sound. Contact our dedicated brand manager Alice Macaluso at or for a demo.

More on Meyer Sound’s Loudspeakers:  

The world’s greatest theatres, concert halls, and touring artists rely on Meyer Sound systems to support their creative visions with the highest-quality, most reliable sound reinforcement systems. These loudspeakers provide incredible depth and detail at any volume level, from the softest whisper to room-shaking effects; systems boast extremely low distortion, for total sonic clarity and a fatigue-free listening experience.
Our components integrate easily and discreetly with both modern and historic buildings. With a complete range of solutions including Line arrays, Point Source, subwoofers, and ceiling loudspeakers, Meyer Sound audio solutions accommodate all your audio system needs.


Venuetech and Meyer Sound Return with a 2-Day Training Session

Venuetech Meyer Sound Training

Mere months after our first-ever in-person joint training session in the Middle East, we are excited to announce our second large-scale 2-day training session in collaboration with Meyer Sound.

The “Audio Systems Design and Optimization MAPP 3D” training will be held at Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) from the 13th to the 14th of September.

Senior Technical Support & Education Specialist, Merlijn Van Veen will lead the training. A veteran audio systems specialist and an educator, Merlijn joined Meyer Sound’s global education leadership team in 2018. Joining him is Sana Romanos, Technical Services Specialist – Middle East & Africa, whose extensive repertoire includes coordinating design services as well as facilitating demos and education programs.

The course is designed for Rental Company Audio Technicians, System Integrators, Sound System Designers, and Audio System Specialists. The training intends to explore the relationship between the predictive of the MAPP 3D Sound System Design Tool and actual sound system performance as measured with FFT-based transfer-function analyzers.

The instructors plan to generate and compare data using both tools, in order to help users better understand the correlation between the two. Upon completion of the course, attendees will possess a clearer idea of how sound systems behave in both modeled and real space, and with it, a more informed approach to accurately designing and optimizing systems using Meyer Sound solutions.

The training is yet another attempt by Venuetech to help maintain and improve the quality and competitiveness of the ever-improving, dynamic audio industry in the region. Commenting on the training Mr.Nour Assafiri, CEO of Venuetech LLC said “We saw quite a positive response for our first-ever training with Meyer Sound from the market in Dubai. This is why as the primary distributor of the Middle East, Venuetech decided to organize a large-scale training session for those who are looking to expand their knowledge on Meyer Sound MAPP 3D software and overall industry know-how”.

Proceed to the Training Center for more information

Meyer Sound Unveils Ultra Reflex Reinventing Screen Channel Audio Reproduction

ultra reflex 1 1
Meyer Sound has recently launched an innovative solution for the reproduction of screen channel audio on a direct, larger video display.

Unlike with acoustically transmissive projection screens, loudspeakers cannot be placed behind the visual image on a large-scale, direct view displays. As a result, wide acceptance for larger and direct view displays have been diminished over time.

On the other hand, surrounding the display perimeter with screen channel loudspeakers compromises the stability of the location of the image, consistency of coverage and audio fidelity.

Meyer Sound has introduced ULTRA REFLEX as a resolution for this challenge. Sources announce that this solution is paired with Sony’s Crystal LED for the early launch period. The initial joint installation was at a screening room and lab on Netflix Campus in Los Angeles, USA.

ultra reflex 5 1

The screening room featured SONY’s 17 ft wide by 9 ft high HDR- capable 4K Crystal LED display screen, designed to reproduce both critical viewing, audio mixing and facilitate VIP screenings.

Galaxy 816 Network Platform supplied the proprietary DSP for optimization.

ultra reflex 2 1

As reported by Hidden Wires online magazine, The screening room featured “37 self-powered Meyer Sound cinema loudspeakers including HMS Series lateral and overhead surround loudspeakers supported by USW-210P subwoofers for surround bass management and X-400C cinema subwoofers with low control element for bass management and LFE”.

ultra reflex 6 1

Theresa Alesso, pro division President of Sony Electronics commented “We sought to complement this powerful imagery with an audio solution that not only matched the visual integrity but enhanced the overall immersiveness. Meyer Sound Ultra Reflex and Crystal LED provide the perfect marriage of superior sound and vision for creatives.”

According to online sources, SONY’s modular and scalable Crystal LED displays integrate MicroLED with SONY’s exclusive LED control and signal processing technology featuring a contrast ratio of more than 1,000,000:1 along with increased brightness, a wide viewing angle as well as a wide color gamut.

ultra reflex 3 1

According to the online magazine Digital Cinema Report, this state-of-the-art solution is said to preserve the audio advantages of a behind-screen system all the while refining “breadth of coverage for a wider sweet spot” in the viewing space.

Audio Media International reports that “the complete system for each screen channel includes a high frequency component reflecting off the screen coupled with a direct radiating low frequency component”. This solution is said to have designed to accomplish “full bandwidth replication along with low distortion, precise directionality, flat amplitude and phase response for tonal accuracy”.

“The introduction of direct view displays in the cinema industry created the need for a unique solution for LCR screen channels,” said Miles Rogers, Meyer Sound business development manager, cinema & content creation markets. “Ultra Reflex is the culmination of prediction software, loudspeaker technologies, and the lifelong vision of John Meyer to create solutions for the most demanding audio professionals.”

ultra reflex 4 1

The online sources also shared that “the screen channels come as part of a Dolby Atmos system that has quickly recallable snapshots for theatrical or 9.1.6 home entertainment playback modes”


The online magazine Audio Media International shared the experiences of several notable witnesses of the ULTRA REFLEX demo at NETFLIX Campus in LA, USA.

The re-recording mixer and sound supervisor for Stranger Things and Sol Levante commented on his experience: “I recently had a chance to visit Netflix to demo Sony’s new large-scale Crystal LED screen and the accompanying immersive sound system that Meyer Sound had developed for it…to be honest I was a bit skeptical, having heard other various attempts at this type of thing. Instead, what I heard was simply stunning — a reference quality, completely transparent sound system that matches the spectacular visuals from the Crystal LED display. Playing clips from my mix of Stranger Things, I was truly shocked at how close it sounded to the studio where we had mixed it. I wouldn’t hesitate to mix on this system in the first place, it’s that good.”


Watch the video here:

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