Arbane Group Announces NESS – The First Free Spatialization Software in the Industry

Arbane Group announces NESS – the industry’s first free spatialization software. NESS is designed and supported by the French audio solutions manufacturer APG France.

With the release of the free software, the group intends the audio specialists to gain easy access to a robust and reliable spatialization solution designed based on standard and proven audio algorithms and principles. NESS will help the users to experience immersive sound in bars, nightclubs, theaters, and conference settings. The software proves to be a reliable solution for sound engineers, DJs, composers, or audio system designers.

NESS is designed to operate on a PC with multiple types of USB or DANTE. Depending on the power of the hosting PC, the NESS is able to manage up to 16 sources and 32 output channels.

With the release of NESS, Arbane Group plans on creating a trusted community of NESS users in the immersive sound industry. The group also plans on continuously upgrading the software features and parameters in the upcoming years to meet the ever-growing technological demands in the industry.

The free NESS software is now available for download on the Arbane Group website.

More updates to follow!

Arbane Group with APG France announces NESS - industry's first free spatialization software
Arbane Group announces NESS

Elevate Your Office Space with AUDAC AMP203

AUDAC AMP203 img 1

The new AMP203, with its compact design and various optional mounting brackets, proves to be the ultimate solution for various compact to medium-sized applications.

This revolutionary Dante mini stereo amplifier features our latest TouchLink™ technology which makes adding new zones to your existing Dante network a piece of cake.

Using PoE (Power over Ethernet), the amplifier receives both power and signal through a single networking cable, maximizing flexibility and minimizing needed cabling

Essential Features

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The KYRA Design Column Speaker Series – Coming Soon!

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The KYRA column speaker range is the elegant result of research in the field of phased array acoustics, providing extraordinary detail and clarity for music and speech while reducing echo and microphone feedback. The indoor KYRA column speakers will be available by the end of July. These speakers are ideal for a wide variety of applications in acoustically difficult environments where audibility and intelligibility of music and speech have the highest importance, such as churches, auditoriums or meeting rooms.
What to expect with the KYRA series?
Only the highest quality materials
he KYRA column speakers are housed in slim and elegantly constructed enclosures made out of aluminum and finished with finely perforated grills.
Advanced mounting possibilities
An included mounting bracket allows easy swivelling and down-tilting. The bracket will be positioned closer to the wall than previous versions, making it perfect for acoustically difficult venues.
feature 2
Plug-and-play multi-tapping
The power tapping switch of the KYRA’s indoor versions has been moved to the back of the speaker, allowing you to easily choose the right power tapping for the right 70V/100V application without removing the grill.
feature 3
Optimized speaker driver placement
The improved 2″ drivers of the KYRA series are repositioned to provide an optimized coverage area.
feature 4
Meet the KYRA Series Family

Design column speaker 6 x 2″

Slimline aluminum design
Multi-functional wall bracket
12 Ω – 70/100V

Design column speaker 12 x 2″
Slimline aluminum design
Multi-functional wall bracket
12 Ω – 70/100V
Design column speaker 24 x 2″
Slimline aluminum design
Multi-functional wall bracket

5 Benefits of IoT Amps from LEA Professional

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IoT Amps are the next step forward in pro audio systems. It just makes sense. To begin with, pro audio systems are made up of interconnected devices work together to provide sound support. And IoT provides a next-level platform for interconnected devices. It seems so obvious!

But what are the real benefits that IoT provides to a pro audio amplifier? Well, here are five of the top benefits you will notice immediately:

1. Remote Monitoring & Control

First, you can check-in on your installed systems and make adjustments from anywhere without the need for a VPN. In short, IoT amps are constantly feeding performance data to the Cloud and it’s all just sitting up there for you to look at from the comfort of your couch. Plus, no matter where you are, you can feed information to the cloud as well. Therefore, you can make changes to the amplifier settings or DSP without ever actually going to the venue. PLUS, this provides the opportunity for installers to set up reoccurring revenue contracts with their clients for ongoing system maintenance. 
The video blow demonstrates 3 ways to connect the amps (including wi-fi): 


2. Automatic Updates

Secondly, it’s important for your installed systems to remain up-to-date in order to maintain optimum performance. Now, thanks to IoT technology, manufacturers can deliver amplifier updates to the cloud and you can keep your systems updated at all times, without even thinking about it. For example, just like your phone tells you when there are new updates available.

3. Speaker Tunings & System Presets

Need speaker tunings or system EQ settings? No problem! Installers can save all speaker tunings and system settings and store them in the cloud where they can access them whenever they want. Furthermore, manufacturers are also able to send these types of downloads into the cloud and make them available to the installer. As a result, there is no need to visit a separate website and download files. Everything is available in one place and easily accessible from anywhere.
The video below demonstrates how to import and export settings to the amplifier: 
4. Push Notifications 
Fourth, if any errors or faults occur, hear from the system first – not from the client or venue. For instance, push notifications can be sent directly to your mobile or desktop devices whenever the system detects an error or fault. Thus, you’ll be able to proactively pinpoint where the event has occurred and begin taking steps to resolve it, most likely before anyone at the venue even notices. Therefore, this can cut back on system downtime dramatically. 
5. System Performance Data

Access all of the system data at anytime from anywhere. You’ll be able to maintain reports on error logs, fault logs, energy consumption, output performance, and more.

For more information about LEA Professional, please contact us
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