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A Powerful Matrix Presentation Switcher - Atlona OME-PS62 4K 6x2 Presentation Matrix for HDBaseT, HDMI, and USB-C
Jul 10, 2019

The Atlona AT-OME-PS62 is a highly versatile, powerful 6×2 matrix presentation switcher with HDMI, USB-C, and HDBaseT inputs, and HDMI and HDBaseT outputs. The OME-PS62 is part of the Omega™ Series of integration products for modern AV communications and collaboration.   Key Features and Capabilities   • Hands-free, automated system operation   Simply connect a laptop, and the OME-PS62 responds by switching to the appropriate input and  powering up the display.   (Auto-switching is available when the outputs are mirrored.)   • 4K/60 compatibility and scaling   The OME-PS62 supports 4K/60 4:2:0 over the HDBaseT output, and full 4K/60…

Velocity™ Control Webinar Part 1/5: Understanding, Updating, Creating and Modifying Drivers
Jul 04, 2019

To learn how you can take advantage of the Velocity Control System from Atlona, watch the exclusive advanced Atlona Academy training webinar featuring the Velocity™ Control Webinar Part 1/5: Understanding, Updating, Creating and Modifying Drivers.   Topics Covered will include:   - Comprehensive review of the Atlona and 3rd Party equipment driver database - Instruction on creating your own drivers - Review, modify and updated existing drivers Register to Watch Now

DynamicReceptionMonitor: A motorised adjustable monitor for a perfect fit.
Jun 27, 2019

Motorised adjustable reception monitor with a quick automated adjustment to match each individual needs and create a preferable work environment at the front desk. The DynamicReceptionMonitor has been designed to be integrated in tables or desks. The base of the monitor is installed on the surface and its connectivity is placed below the table, making the installation clean and minimalistic.    The elegant monitor housing is made of milled aluminum and stainless steel and it includes an antiglare protection glass with black marking. The stainless steel rotary arm of the monitor offers a motorized adjustable height for a perfect fit. Key Features   • Ergonomic • Three…

Televic Plixus Nameplate: Save Time, Money & Power with an Electronic Nameplate
Jun 13, 2019

The Plixus Nameplate saves time, money and manual labor by replacing paper nameplates by a double-sided E Ink nameplate that is easy to manage and update. It allows institutions, councils, parliaments, and rental organizers to make meetings much more efficient, without wasting valuable resources. The Plixus Nameplate was conceived to make problems with paper nameplates a thing of the past. Says Karel Vanheule, Televic Conference Product Manager: "Printing each nameplate and carefully placing it on every single desk of a large venue is really time-consuming and prone to errors. Not to mention incredibly wasteful since the paper is frequently thrown out after a meeting. Our goal was to create…

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