Televic Conference (Belgium) manufactures the most innovative systems for moderated meetings. Its complete range of conference solutions simplifies decision-making by improving the meeting experience. With crystal-clear sound, pristine video, and a clear focus, meetings become more efficient. From the largest international institutions over local parliaments and city councils to boardrooms: Televic Conference drives successful meetings, worldwide.

  • Confidea F Series

    Confidea F Series

    Confidea F is a new range of Plixus® Powered conference panels designed specifically for easy and flush integration into the furniture. It provides solutions to improve intelligibility during meetings and debates, to allow for electronic voting or to create an environment where people of multiple nationalities are able to participate in a discussion in their own language.

    The full range of 11 different models allow you to create a solution tailored to the needs of any application, with models for basic discussion, for applications that include electronic voting and for high-end applications that include simultaneous interpretation.

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  • Confidea G3

    Confidea G3

    Leave the cables behind and experience meetings without boundaries. Confidea G3 wireless solutions give you unmatched versatility: freedom of movement, flexibility in the number of participants, connecting multiple rooms, and more. It’s simple to set up, easy to control, and above all: reliable. So, you’re free from cables and free from worries.

    The 3rd and newest generation of Televic’s renowned Confidea Wireless uses the latest advances in wireless technologies to offer more stability, more flexibility and more security.

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  • Confidea T Series

    Confidea T Series

    Confidea T is a tabletop conference microphone system that provides a perfect solution for both mobile and permanent installations. The system is extremely scalable making it ideal choice for small meetings and seminars as well as large international conferences.

    Built upon the successful first generation of Confidea® Wired, this new generation includes RFID for identification and authentication. Powered by Plixus®, the new Confidea T benefits from all advanced features this dedicated conference network technology has to offer, including the loop wiring reliability.

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  • D-Cerno SL

    D-Cerno SL

    D-Cerno SL is a digital plug & play discussion system, housed in an elegant design. With discreet lines and a slim profile, it feels at home in any meeting venue. Its versatility is no coincidence: D-Cerno SL is the result of a thoughtful design process, where every detail of the unit was carefully considered.

    D-Cerno SL comes with a removable microphone; choose from different microphone lengths from 30 cm up to 70 cm. The design also extends to the installation of D-Cerno.

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  • Lingua Interpreter Desk

    Lingua Interpreter Desk

    Televic's Lingua Interpreter Desk is a demonstration of user centered design. It embodies a new approach to enhance the working comfort of the interpreter. The unique focus on superior user feedback, improved ergonomics and intuitive interfacing makes it the most user-friendly professional interpreter desk on the market today. The Lingua Interpreter Desk has been designed by and for the professional interpreter.

    Designed to take a minimum amount of space on the table, the Lingua Interpreter Desk optimizes the limited space that is available in the typically packed interpreter booths. Hardware and software blend together and create a seamless experience for the interpreter.

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  • uniCOS 7” Multimedia Unit

    uniCOS 7” Multimedia Unit

    uniCOS F/MM is the Televic flagship multimedia conferencing solution, designed for the next-generation Plixus architecture. uniCOS F/MM is a flushmount unit and can be configured as either a delegate or a chairman unit.

    Every participant has access to all audible and visual information on their own uniCOS unit. Participants can speak, see, hear, and interact with delegate stations by combining video, audio, and document sharing. The result is a rich, interactive, yet focused discussion environment that streamlines meetings.

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  • IR Language Distribution

    IR Language Distribution

    Use infrared language distribution to reach every member in the audience in their native language. Lingua IR is easy to set up, flexible to configure, and highly secure. Combine it with the Lingua Interpreter Desk make multilingual meetings a breeze.

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  • CoCon Software

    CoCon Software

    Every meeting room needs a different set of control and management tools, depending on the size, the room or the number or participants. That’s why the CoCon flexible module architecture gets you exactly what you need. Combine all modules for complex multilingual meetings or use just the ones you need to get the discussion going. Use T-ReX to record meetings in 1-2-3.


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