Televic Confidea Flex: New State-of-the-Art Conference Solution

The Confidea FLEX is Televic’s all-in-one tabletop conference unit with an integrated 5.2” touch screen with fingerprint coating. It combines a slim, non-intrusive, contemporary design offering extended functionality with effortless ease of use. The Confidea FLEX is designed to offer one solution that meets different user needs. The unit has one large physical button that can change its functionality based on the applied configuration. Using the secret until lit principle, different functions light up indicating which actions are possible with the button. Enjoy efficient, information rich meetings and bring delegates closer together with a state-of-the-art touchscreen enabled conference unit. Give participants HQ audio, a view on what happens in the meeting and get them more involved.

The key selling points of Contidea FLEX can be summarized as follows:

And of course, the main advantages of the Plixus architecture remain valid:

Above the new Contidea FLEX product positioned into the Plixus architecture.

It offers the possibility to use the same general advantages the Plixus network offers:

Furthermore, functionality can be unlocked based on licenses. This means that over time customers can unlock extra functionality without the need to re-invest in new hardware.

Please visit Confidea Flex page to know more about the product’s specifications and features

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