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Leyard IAT Series: The Ultimate Meeting Room Visual Solution
May 06, 2020

The Ultimate Meeting Room Visual Solution - Bigger than the Biggest Leyard ultra slim interactive LED display brings an immersive visual experience into the meeting rooms. It overcomes the size limitation of LCD display, and delivers a crisp visual performance under the sunlight that projector can never achieve. All those are fitting into a ultra slim body. Venuetech is the exclusive distributor of Leyard in the Middle East. Contact Us for more details.

Sennheiser Sound Academy FREE Webinars
Apr 14, 2020

It is our commitment to our clients to provide you with continuous brands and product awareness. Thus, we would like to take this opportunity to fulfill this commitment by sharing with you the latest series of webinars presented by our partner Sennheiser.   Sennheiser is pleased to announce the next round of online training courses and workshops for the AV and Pro Audio community.   Take advantage of the free educational webinars, including ‘RF Basics’, ‘Wireless Microphone Theory’, and the ‘Live Sound Monitoring Masterclass’ that will be presented by Sennheiser in the coming weeks.   Full details of all courses are available at…

Televic Confidea Flex: New State-of-the-Art Conference Solution
Mar 01, 2020

The Confidea FLEX is Televic’s all-in-one tabletop conference unit with an integrated 5.2” touch screen with fingerprint coating. It combines a slim, non-intrusive, contemporary design offering extended functionality with effortless ease of use. The Confidea FLEX is designed to offer one solution that meets different user needs. The unit has one large physical button that can change its functionality based on the applied configuration. Using the secret until lit principle, different functions light up indicating which actions are possible with the button. Enjoy efficient, information rich meetings and bring delegates closer together with a state-of-the-art touchscreen enabled conference…

Leyard: New World of Mirco-LED is here
Feb 18, 2020

During ISE (Integrated Systems Europe – 2020, the largest audio-visual exhibition in the world) Leyard unveiled its latest micro-LED technology that soon will be mass produced. Micro LED + 8K + 0.6" opens a new era of Micro LED Micro LED products, which represent the future of display technology, naturally occupy the Center of the Leyard exhibition area. This time, the 8K Micro LED Video Wall with 0.6mm fine pitch displayed again by Leyard is the micro LED display with the largest mass production area and the smallest pixel pitch in the market at present. This 8K Micro LED display has excellent image quality, especially in brightness, resolution, color gamut, response speed and service…

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