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Venuetech at Gitex , Light Middle East and ProLight+Sound  Middle East 2019
Oct 21, 2019

Venuetech at Gitex , Light Middle East and ProLight+Sound Middle East 2019

It was Venuetech LLC’s second time participating in the Gitex show. A successful bid for Venuetech’s presence as a giant in the industry and not just in the A/V world. It presented modern technologies from its different renowned brands offering diverse solutions, across the ICT, signage and Audio industries.

From showcasing the Samsung LED Wall, which gathered crowds in amazement to demonstrating the diversity of the Atlona brand in terms of VOIP solutions and switching technologies, Venuetech was vibrant as ever and glowing in presences as the crowds flooded the booth.

Moreover, it was the first time Venuetech went public with showcasing the Audac range, a step taken a week before the show that saw a new partnership rise. A wide range of the Audac solutions was present where clients were able to see and feel the products for themselves.

“It was an exciting event”, said Nour Assafiri CEO of Venuetech,” we saw numbers that we had not expected, and more importantly the interest from the crowd was positively overwhelming.”

This is only part of the Venuetech presence across the several grounds that happened proudly holding the biggest booth at Prolight+Sound as well as front door positions at Light Middle East 2019.

The focus for Venuetech at Light Middle East was SGM and more specifically the outdoor IP rated Video Linears as well as the new, “True IP Rated” moving head the G-7 Beast and its partner the G-7. With a wide range of Danish architectural lighting, the booth was design in order to immerse the visitors with a true dynamic lighting experience.

On the other side of the show, on the red carpet Venuetech stood tall as a giant amongst the many competitors. The biggest presence from the local distributor ever at any of the previous shows. Walking into the booth visitors were directly indulged in the Video, Lighting and Professional Audio solutions that walled the sides of the stand.

At this show, the ears rather than the eyes caught the attention of the sound system set up that received many complaints. A complement towards the APG sound system set up, that stole the show and gathered a crowd of impressed show goers. Consisting of the Uniline Compact and the DX monitoring arrangement, the quality of sound from the French manufacturers is a sound to behold. A compact solution that shows flexibility like no other competitor out there. “The Uniline Compact is versatile in arrangement, light in movement and sturdy in quality and today we were able to showcase the extent of this flexibility.” said Grégory Dapsanse, Marketing & Business Development Director at APG.

Constantly an active exhibitor at Prolight + Sound Middle East, Venuetech continues to emerge as prominent figure in the Middle Eastern market.

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