SGM Light A/S is a Danish manufacturer of LED lighting and custom engineered solutions for the concert touring, entertainment, architectural, commercial and industrial sectors.  Originally founded in 1975, SGM brings more than 40 years of experience within the entertainment lighting business.  They have gathered one of the most experienced R&D teams in the world who, by focusing on innovation and the use of cutting edge technology, has created a range of lighting products to help creative and visionary lighting designers tell their stories through light.  Their sole focus is to help their customers create magic with light, and every day they strive to achieve just that.

  • Qadra


    A 500 x 500 mm die cast waterproof body frame designed to be compatible with different pixel pitch modules from 3.9 to 10 mm. With a very wide color range, 14-16 Bit signal processing and pure black body with SMD 2020 LED Lamps. The outdoor chassis has been designed to be compatible with different pixel pitch modules; This offers more freedom to manage creative installations but especially allows to easily manage the components required for maintenance of the product. A customizable heavy-duty product perfect for rental and installation applications.
  • Nuvola


    The Nuvola outdoor advertising series is a perfect solution for harsh weather conditions. Fixed with a SMD Lamp for wider viewing angle and better contrast (Optional DIP1R1G1B) and available for front and back maintenance. It is made up of removable modules that make it very easy to maintain without the hassle of additional equipment. Due to the build it has very efficient mechanical qualities such as supreme air cooling, low operating noise and minimal power consumption. This is includes all the european standard certificates.

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  • Arko


    A solution targeting the rental industry, the Arko is an extremely variable product. Options to aquire a curved version, an indoor version with front maintanance modules as well as an optional floor design. The epitome of multiifunctionality this series offers the option to build curved sets of up to 15 Degrees even on the dance floor. Not only is the customization a target but output quality as well, the color performance is superb with the LSM 590 that ensures high quality images with high contrast ratio, for a considerable depth of black and color fidelity.

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  • Verso


    The Verso series is a phenomenal solution for outdoor media facades. The variable pixel pitch and dimensions give the Verso extra leverage over any other option in the industry. Corrosion coated strips built for extreme weather conditions, designed to be ultra thin and light allowing the ease of removal of the strips according to client requirements. A very unique product that not only offers variability but high output as well; adjusted to suit almost any lighting conditions with its 6000 nits brightness and auto brightness adjustment, while maintaining 60% transparency.

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