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Venutech's Obsidian Training Course A Success!
Apr 17, 2019

Venutech's Obsidian Training Course A Success!

The Venuetech team is very delighted by the outcome of the Obsidian control training that took place last week. The obsidian control system course was lead by Mr. Menno Appelhof, one of the gurus behind the Obsidian Control at Elation. Courses ran a week, and as usual the Venuetech team between the lighting engineers and the service team got the chance to refresh and update their knowledge on the leading control systems within the industry. Participants from different fields in the industry were invited to take a look at the new software and get a chance to hear about some exciting news that will be updated to the software, an update that will be a game changer in the lighting world.

Mr. Menno said: " The first official Obsidian ONYX training in Dubai was a great success. It was great working with both the sales as the technical teams from Venuetech. They have shown a great knowledge of the software and had some very detailed questions that came from working with the software on the current projects. On the last training session, many highly experienced operators attended and have shown a great deal of interest in the work we already have done and the roadmap where we are going to.

I would like to thank Mr. Nour,  Mohammad Haroun and his team for having me. It was great working with them and I am looking forward to the next training sessions we will be planning later this year."

The Venuetech team is already looking forward to the next session with new trainees and participants!

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