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The New D-Cerno SL: Plug & Play Discussion that Feels at Home Everywhere
May 20, 2019

The New D-Cerno SL: Plug & Play Discussion that Feels at Home Everywhere

The new D-Cerno SL combines a modern design with easier installation and microphone flexibility. With discreet lines and a slim profile, it feels at home in any meeting venue. Its versatility is no coincidence: D-Cerno SL is the result of a thoughtful design process, where every detail of the unit was carefully considered.

D-Cerno is a great solution to make sure meeting participants hear and are heard with clarity. It’s the perfect system to take your meetings to the next level with warm and natural sound. And the new design will fit in everywhere.

Key Features & Benefits

• Digital Signal Processing • Bi-color bar indicator
• Shielded microphone, immune to mobile phone interference       • Modern, sleek, and contemporary design
• High-quality integrated loudspeaker
• Clear user button layout and feedback
• Headphone output
• Removable microphone connector: possibility to use different microphone lengths (30, 40, 50, 70, Full Flex)
• Headphone volume adjustment
• Easy transport and storage thanks to small footprint and removable microphone
• Microphone On/Off button • Solid bottom shell adding weight and stability
• Loop-through, daisy-chain cabling • Concealed conference bus connections
• Patented fail-safe redundancy feature • Microphone On/Off or Request-to-speak push button with 2 signaling LEDs

D-Cerno SL comes in two versions: a delegate version (D-Cerno D SL) and a chairperson version with Priority and Next-in-line buttons (D-Cerno C SL).

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