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Dec 18, 2018


In a fruitful collaboration between Venuetech and Almoayyed Commercial Services (ACS), a Televic uniCOS multimedia conference system was successfully installed and tested for Bahrain’s Shura Council, the highest national assembly of the country and the main legislative body of Bahrain. 
The main objective of the project was to replace the parliament’s previous system which was outdated and resulted in a space that was untidy and non-functional, with an upgraded state-of-the-art conference solution from Televic, that included significant creative enhancements to meet the highest standards in the world to keep up with the change and fast-paced evolving technology. 

Venuetech and Almoayyed Commercial Services (ACS) teamed up to study the needed upgrades, requirements and the implementation strategy of the system. As part of the renovation, the parliament requested an upgrade to its AV system as well to improve the performance, functionality, and aesthetics for local meetings, presentations and audio-video teleconferences. This work shall be carried out to be a vendor with relevant experience in conference system solutions with large-scale voting and seating management used in parliaments and ultimate speech intelligibility sound systems.  Based on the Shura committee requirements, their operators understood the need for integrated audiovisual systems that are well-designed, quality assured, and properly installed on time.


Televic uniCOS multimedia conference system delivers a smoother and more convenient meeting experience to both organizers and participants where high-profile meetings require tools that have been designed to work as a mission-critical system; 144 units in total were implemented. The units consist of touch screens for each participant that give access to look up information in the documents provided as well as the possibility to learn more about the background of the person speaking. They can also exchange messages to a fellow delegate or consult the agenda to see what the next item on the itinerary is. A close-up view of the speaker can contribute significantly to the intelligibility during debates due to the fact that it is a high-quality picture that is in sync with the live audio. 
With its decades of experience and dedications to international institutions including the United Nations’ headquarters in Geneva, Televic took a conscious decision to rule out any intrusion on the conference network in order to guarantee the reliability and security of the system.  Given the flexibility character of the uniCOS system, a complete set of control and management software was also provided. Combining all modules, the system can offer the simplest to the most complex multilingual meetings including voting. 
To secure the highest intelligibility of sound, the team studied the hall's acoustics and decided to implement two Active Audio StepArray 230+ speakers in the main hall and four RayOn 80+ speakers in the side halls. Thanks to the DGRC (Digital & Geometric Radiation Control) principle patented by Active Audio that ensured a perfect speech intelligibility and optimal acoustic comfort, even in reverberant environments such as the Shura venue.

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