Global Cache

Global Cache enables serial, relay, contact closure, infrared, and IR devices over a network for use in
home and business automation, as well as pro a/v and commercial installations. Since their
inception in 2002, Global Caché’s focus on open systems, industry standards, strategic partnering,
and product innovation has kept them in the forefront of technical and market advancements in the
control and automation industry. The Global Caché family of connectivity products provides choices
for the industry professional and the consumer – significantly reducing costs and providing a scalable
platform for today and the future.
  • iTach


    The Global Caché iTach is a family of products designed to connect almost any electrical device to a network in a matter of minutes. Based on open systems and industry standards, the ultra-compact device fits almost anywhere (even the palm of your hand), and includes a choice of wireless (WiFi) or wired (TCP/IP) connectivity to infrared (IR), serial (RS232), and contact closure (relay) equipment. The innovative design of the Global Caché iTach allows for easy and flexible integration into any networked control solution. The iTach is instant network-enabling at its best, delivering the power of choice at a cost-effective price.

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  • iTach Flex

    iTach Flex

    The Global Caché’ Flex is an industry first, a tiny device that connects previously unconnected hardware to a WiFi or TCP/IP network so it can be controlled and automated by the controller of your choice. Based on open systems and standards, the Flex allows for easy integration in any control environment, from high-end proprietary systems to apps on a smart phone or tablet. 

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