Sat, 01 Feb 2014

At ISE 2014, Televic Conference will introduce Confidea G3, the 3rd generation of its reputable Confidea Wireless Conference system. This 3rd generation will have a fully revised wireless engine, a number of new features and mobile friendly web control.


The 3rd generation of Confidea Wireless is probably the most radical upgrade the product has gone through since its introduction in 2008. The evolution in wireless technologies and working experience in nearly 60 countries has led to this new generation of Confidea that boasts user friendliness and reliability combined with expanded functionality. The system as a whole has received a fully revised and upgraded wireless engine, offering even more frequencies in various countries.


On the basic discussion-only version, the number of buttons has been reduced drastically to minimize clutter and to create a more serene, intuitive user interface. The more advanced units with voting functionality now come with a built-in RFID card reader for identification and authentication of the delegate.


Now more than ever, the WCAP+ is a mini central unit that provides all required functionality for stand-alone applications. The powerful built-in webserver offers amobile-friendly user interface which makes it equally comfortable to control a Confidea system via a desktop computer or a mobile device. The web interface offers basicmicrophone on-off switching through a simple screen touch or click of the mouse. For entry level systems this presents a further cost reduction as it lessens the need for extra software.


The WCAP+ G3 will eventually connect to the new packet-based low-latency network developed by Televic. Connecting to this network, which is also the basis of Televic’s flagship uniCOS platform, makes Confidea G3 future proof for working in unison with a uniCOS install as well as with any future Televic product.


Confidea G3 starts shipping in March 2014 and will be on the Televic booth at ISE 2014, Hall 3, C125.