Our partner Arthur Holm is a finalist in the ISE 2014 InAvation Technology Awards
Thu, 30 Jan 2014

ARTHUR HOLM is showcasing at ISE 2014 its InAvation Technology Awards finalist DynamicTalk, a universal l lift and retracting system for gooseneck microphones adding remote control and remote diagnose cutting edge features.



This innovative system designed by the Arthur Holm team is extremely easy to install, reliable, universal and provides an exquisite finish. The cover plate is made of brushed stainless steel and the round hedge opens automatically when the microphone is ejected. The system provides a Dynamic internal LED ring which indicates the audio system status by changing color. The microphone can be twisted to be closer to the user and the mechanism will automatically retract it to a vertical position.



It is available for short, medium and large microphones with XLR connector and can be customized for all types of conference systems. Internal deep switches allow a perfect length adjustment.



Applications are as wide as meeting and conference rooms, institutions, auditorium and lecterns among others...



We would also like to encourage you to vote for Arthur Holm/Albiral Display Solutions in the InAvation Technology Awards by following this link and proceed to Category 9.



Thank you!