New TRA Regulation on wireless frequencies to take effect on 31st December 2013
Tue, 03 Dec 2013


The TRA or the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority is a government body responsible for the management of every aspect of the telecommunications and information technology industries in the UAE.


The New Regulation - National Spectrum Plan and National Table of Frequency Allocation

The National Spectrum Plan and National Table of Frequency Allocation have been developed in conformity with the international regulations governing radio spectrum and the international or regional agreements concluded or acceded to by the State of the United Arab Emirates in conformity with the existing and future requirements of the frequencies in the State.


The objective of developing the National Spectrum Plan and National Table of Frequency Allocation is to increase spectrum efficiency and usage. The law also gives the framework for the allocation of frequencies to use radio communications equipment by all organizations whether government or non-government, civil or military.


Under the new regulation (TRA/SA/BS/B16/1743), wireless equipment operating on 700 MHz (694-790 MHz) and 800 MHz (790-862 MHz) bands will no longer be allowed to operate in the said frequencies, as such will be allocated exclusively for mobile data (LTE) in consumer devices.


The Solution

Venuetech in partnership with Sennheiser will offer a retuning of the affected equipment at a minimal cost. The cost will only entail the prices of the parts involved in the process. Our service center along with our qualified technical engineers, duly appointed by Sennheiser to be their official service center in the Middle East, will do the necessary rectification totally free of charge.


For a comprehensive quotation of your list of equipment, do email our service center manager Nelson Gallegos at


Final Note

The law, as it takes effect on the 31st of December 2013, will only cover equipment within the UAE. The corresponding effects of the law towards devices in other countries and whether the same will be implemented is yet unclear.


If you are outside of UAE, we suggest that you inquire with your respective local authority to know how this law will impact you.