Eurocable - Product

The Eurocable brand includes a wide range of cables designed to withstand the rigors of the touring while providing the high fidelity required by the entertainment and broadcast industries. Audio, Video, Ethernet, Lighting, fiber optic and power cables in many different typologies specifically designed for meeting the needs of TV and recording studios, theaters, live shows and events, cinema, theme parks and large multimedia venues are just an example of the main areas in which Eurocable ranges are focused.


Common features to all cables range are great flexibility and the excellent technical performance. In addition to the traditional production the whole range includes touring grade CAT 5, 6 and 7 flexible and robust cables for mobile and continuous use.


Eurocable also offers a wide range of hybrid cables composed by audio, video, CAT6, DMX, fiber optics and power cables. The growing needs of carrying different kinds of signals in a single cable, enhances the ability of Eurocable to design and produce hybrid cables. Due also to its capacity to produce small quantities at a reasonable cost, more and more companies require “tailor made” cables.


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