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Global Caché introduces Global Connect: UNPARALLELED CONNECTIVITY
Mar 11, 2019

Global Caché introduces Global Connect: UNPARALLELED CONNECTIVITY

Unparalleled Connectivity.  Innovation Through Automation. Infinite Possibilities.

Known for award-winning products connecting infrared (IR), serial (RS232 and 485), relay (contact closure), and sensor input, to a WiFi or wired network, Global Caché introduces Global Connect, adding the ability to build the scalable I/O you need, offers dozens of standard configurations, with added modules including local computing capability (Raspberry Pi), and 3:1 HDMI switching. Delivering true IoT, Global Connect features individual IP addresses for each module with individual web pages for easy configuration, advanced addressability, and backward compatibility to current Global Caché hardware.

The modular Global Connect is the newest high-performance family of connectivity products from the company that has revolutionized the way you connect, command, and control. Built with performance, flexibility, and empowering in mind, Global Connect, designed based on open systems to work with any control software or hardware, delivers a simple cost-effective way to extend the reach of any control system, from legacy proprietary systems to leading-edge apps and cloud-based control software; from retrofits, current projects, and to future installations.

Global Connect is comprised of three elements: the chassis, the number of slots per chassis, and modules. Global Connect offers five chassis sizes, some of which have rack mount options, and others are freestanding. Each chassis, according to its size has a certain number of slots, from 10 slots to a 3 slot chassis. Modules can require either one or two slots. The Raspberry Pi is the only module requiring three slots.

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