ELC Lighting

ELC Lighting's product range is one of the most comprehensive and innovative collections of DMX/RDM solutions, which includes DMX show recorders, signal distribution equipment and DMX to Ethernet converters and a range of high capacity Ethernet switches used anywhere from small halls to arena-scale venues for lighting data networks and LED display walls. All ELC products are designed and manufactured at the company's facility in Gemert in the Netherlands.

  • dmXLAN nodeGBx 8

    dmXLAN nodeGBx 8

    The dmXLAN nodeGBx 8 is 8 fully programmable DMX ports and a dual Gigabit port switch with user interface.
    The unit offers data splitting, merging, soft patching and backup when programmed using ELC’s dmXLAN software. All DMX ports are fully-isolated. 2 variants are available.
  • dmXLAN node3

    dmXLAN node3

    The dmXLAN node3 has 3 bi-directional DMX ports to convert from or to sACN, Art-Net or Shownet. An internal switch provides a second Ethernet port for a local lighting desk or additional Ethernet switches or nodes. The Node3 is available with fully isolated DMX ports and Power over Ethernet. Different variants are available.

  • dmXLAN switchGBx 18

    dmXLAN switchGBx 18

    The dmXLAN switchGBx 18 has been specifically designed for live entertainment applications where a mixture of data protocols would overload and saturate commercially-available network switches.

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  • Splitter DT2210

    Splitter DT2210

    The DT2210 is a 19” rackmount DMX splitter supporting the bidirectional extension to the DMX protocol to accommodate Remote Device Management (RDM).
    The DT2210 is used in larger DMX networks where more than simple daisy-chain connections between multiple DMX devices (to a maximum of 32 devices) are needed. DT2210 splitter (hub) boosts the signal to create a ‘star’ network of 10 additional DMX lines from a choice of two DMX inputs. Outputs are grouped in pairs that can be selected to input A or B by pressing the adjacent panel push button.

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