AUDAC specializes in industrial and professional sound solutions including amplifiers, speakers, microphones and much more.
The Belgian brand, founded in 1992, is well-known for its groundbreaking innovations. Nowadays, this philosophy of launching inspiring products on the professional audio market still stands firm.
AUDAC makes sure that quality and service come first and is very proud of the high regard customers have for its products. The brand owes this to their qualified engineers and technicians who continuously upgrade the products to incorporate newer technologies and state-of-the-art materials.
  • Loudspeakers


    Speakers suitable for highly demanding applications and guaranteeing a high quality reproduction of music and speech.

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  • Matrix Systems

    Matrix Systems

    The multi-zone audio distribution systems offer a truly polyvalent solution for commercial and residential applications, with the flexibility of a multi-zone router. They deliver a comprehensive and expandable powerful solution for nearly every situation. With their large number of extension modules and configuration modes, they provide a solution for an uncountable amount of installations – large or small, simple or complex.

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  • Modular Audio Systems

    Modular Audio Systems

    SourceCon™ technology guarantees true plug & play implementation to any compatible device, allowing your media player to be tailored to fit any specific application. The wide variation of compatible modules and extensive configuration possibilities allows flexible combinations for any application.

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