Arthur Holm

Arthur Holm (Spain) offers an inspiring product range where tomorrow’s technology is shaped into valued materials with design flexibility and customization, specially created to enhance communication, decision taking and collaboration in reception, conference and meeting areas.
The product range is 100% customizable and comprises retractable monitors, foldable, rotatable, single and double face, design wall-integration screens, multimedia kiosks and information totems and the company’s latest innovation, a universal motorized lift system for gooseneck microphones. All Arthur Holm products are remotely accessible providing the best level of service and flexibility.
The brand’s selection of unique, elegant, versatile, space optimizing, energy efficient and ergonomic products are being used in the most prestigious meeting rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, reception areas, auditorium, congresses, parliaments, senates, institutions and design hotels throughout the world.
  • Dynamic4


    The Dynamic4 is a unique Windows based media meeting point that creates an unmatchable meeting platform with extended flexibility. It comprises a motorised mechanism of 4 screens with 4 integrated cameras, 2 speakers,2 array microphones, a CPU, 4 USB power and 2 tabletop HDMI inputs . It is a center of table solution that helps to optimize the space and to keep the eye contact during the meetings. By the push of a button, 4 monitors will raise from the table surface. These monitors can be raised and retracted, they can move to different shapes and rotate to find the perfect position according to the different seats around the table

  • Dynamic3


    Built entirely of aluminium and black edged anti-glare glass, the Dynamic3 monitors offer discreet and timeless design. The anodised finish provides a soft, silky effect, is extremely resilient and also serves to dissipate heat. The glass protects the screen, reduces “mirror” effect, allows for natural transparent colour and can work as a touch surface.

    The Dynamic3 range provides excellent contrast and unsurpassed viewing angles. Integration into furniture is extremely simple. The monitors are available in 15″, 17″ & 19″ & 22″.

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  • DynamicX2


    DynamicX2 are elegant monitors built from a solid aluminium block. They have a vertical motorised movement with an automatic 20° tilt to ensure the best ergonomics, visibility and viewing angle. This automatic tilting system provides a fast, silent and robust response, combined with a reliable, maintenance-free solution.

    DynamicX2 have slightly curved edges for a classic, modern look and are available with a matt screen, a black edged anti- reflection glass, or with a golden flash finish. The range is available from 15″ to 22″ (and 24″ 4K) and it can be customised with various options.

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  • Dynamic1H


    Dynamic1H motorised foldable monitor provides a horizontal motorised movement. The screen is always visible, it raises and leans and can be stopped at any position between 0 and 70°. A smart memory system enables both set up and recall of the desired tilting position. Built entirely of aluminium and with a black edged anti-reflection glass, Dynamic1H monitors are extremely elegant, discreet and timeless. The anodised finish provides a soft, silky effect. It is extremely resilient and serves to dissipate heat. This range is available in 12″, 17″ and 22″ sizes all providing excellent contrast and unsurpassed viewing angles.

  • DynamicReceptionMonitor


    Motorised adjustable reception monitor for a perfect fit. Quick motorised adjustment to match each individual needs when working to create a correct and preferable work environment at the front desk. Available in 22” and other sizes upon request. It has been designed to be integrated in tables or desks. The base of the monitor is installed on the surface and its connectivity is placed below the table, making the installation clean and minimalistic. 

  • DB2


    DB2 by Arthur Holm is the thinnest motorised retractable monitor on the market. This monitor range creates minimum impact on the furniture design and is easy to integrate, intuitive to use (one touch sensor) and almost invisible (no cover plate) when not in operation. DB2 monitors are elegant, beautiful from all angles, and can be discreetly integrated in the meeting room table, disappearing within the desk with a harmonious silent drive. Design and functionality have been intelligently combined to create this advanced and unique monitor range. Available with 10, 17, 22 and 24 inch

  • DB1Twin

    The DB1Twin is a vertically retractable solution with two screens. Two monitors are placed back to back in a compact anodised aluminium frame. Different contents can be displayed, allowing a 2 way communication in reception desks, information counters or in meeting and conference rooms tables with limited space. The DB1Twin is only visible when required, disappearing inside the table by just the touch of a button or by remote control. DB1Twin is elegant, beautiful from all angles, and discreetly integrated in the meeting room table, disappearing within the desk with a harmonious silent drive.

  • AH1


    AH1 is a manually foldable aluminium monitor for desktops with anodised finish and a dark cast iron base. It includes an anti-glare protection glass with a stylish black frame. Tired of monitors that become too intrusive? AH1 desktop monitor is the ideal solution for auditoriums, tele presence, meeting and conference rooms and information counters. With a height that can be easily adjusted, they do not require structural changes on the table surface and can be optionally interactive. AH1 is available in 12″, 17” and 22″ sizes.

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